Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran-Contra: The "Coup" Begins

Coup-plotters Rumsfeld, Ford and Cheney, White House, ca., 1976

The 'coup' began in 1975, when dunderheaded Gerry Ford pardoned Nixon and began this long national nightmare: our descent into tyranny. This narrative picks up the story in the '80s. Dennis Perrin flags/flogs a new blog by a friend of his named Jim Buck, who was a political operative back in the day.
My close friend and old comedy partner Jim Buck has taken the big blog dive, offering up a four-part piece about Eddie Hatcher and the hidden history of Iran/contra. Jim was in the thick of all this back when it mattered, and it still haunts him -- as it should all of us, considering the grand crimes that went unpunished and were steadily erased from the national memory. Start at the bottom and read your way up. Jim knows his shit. He'll soon learn that tending a blog is never-ending, which is why the Good Lord invented YouTube.
If you can stand rehashing the same old details, refreshed with lots of newer dots and connections you only ever IMAGINED (Jesse Helms, cocaine trafficker?), you need to turn your attention to Buck's narrative.

Start at Part I (and prepare to start sharpening your pitchfork in accompaniment). Then read UP: Part II, in which we follow the terrible fate of Eddie Hatcher unfolding--all unawares--inside the penumbra of global criminality that was the Reagan/Helms drug cartel; to Part III, and finally to Part IV, the rule of the Nixon/Ford cabal, and it's reach into Reagan/Bush, Bush/Quayle, Clinton/Gore, and Bush/Cheney regimes.

It is a sordid tale, and one which implicates the entire USer political system, Dims and Pukes as one, in the destruction of the actual USer 'democracy,' until it has become what it is today, merely a rubberstamp for the interests of Global Capital. It's pretty dismal, depressing stuff, and it suggests that the next time anybody suggests hauling out a convenient guillotine and subjecting the current crop of crooks and lawyers to the ultimate sanction, we ought ALL to join the parade.

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