Monday, June 8, 2009

Moral Relativism: Never There When You Need It Most

If Scott Raeder, the apparent wackloon/fundi anti-abortionist alleged killer of late-term abortion-provider Dr. George Tiller, were named Ali Mustaffa, and his victim had been a Zionist rabbi, the threats he's uttering about there being more to come would be being taken much more seriously, I'll betcha.

I haven't figured out how to embed code for C&L vids. I wish I could. There's links 1`) here and 2) here. TPM ponders the very issue that led me to first speculate about the wider, politico-symbolic resonances embedded in his threats, noting the reticence of torture advocates to endorse such practices to potentially save lives.


ZIRGAR said...

Woody, we only torture non-Christian brown people! I thought you knew that by now. We use humane, sane methods on Christian white people.

Democracy Lover said...

Also terrorism is restricted to left wingers in America. The nut cases on the radical right are just misguided souls who made mistakes.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

If "Scott Roeder" Were "Ali Mustaffa" and had killed a radical, Zionist rabbi instead of a conscientious Lutheran abortion doctor, and Mustaffa had said he was not alone, and that there were others out there with plans of their own, the country would by now be being torn apart the FBI (and probably Mossad, too).

Moral relativism, much?

dpjbro said...

When we were mere lads, the fundies used to condemn us for what they called "situation ethics". And then they joined forces with the moneyed, and any ethics became optional.

Nobody could have predicted that.