Sunday, June 14, 2009

Texas School Board Scrapes Bottom of Barrel

Via The ReligionClause comes news that the State of Texas has totally capitulated to the fucktard-wackloon-ID/anti-science lobby and mandated that there be three "conservative Christians"--half the number of actual panelists--on a newly constituted panel charged with reviewing and suggesting possible reforms to the Texas primary and secondary Social Studies Curricula.
According to Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network, writing last week at Talk to Action, the Texas State Board of Education has now made public the entire panel of experts it has appointed to review the state's social studies curriculum. It is evenly divided between mainstream academics and Christian religious conservatives. The academics are Prof. James Kracht of Texas A&M, Prof. Jesus Francisco de la Teja of Texas State University- San Marcos and Prof. Lybeth Hodges of Texas Woman's University. The three religious conservatives, all of whom apparently reject notions of separation of church and state, are Rev. David Barton of WallBuilders, Rev. Peter Marshall who runs Peter Marshall Ministries, and Prof. Daniel Dreisbach of American University in Washington, D.C. The panel is charged with reporting back to the Board by June 29. The panel will also review the work of teams of teachers and others working on revision,s, in anticipation of Board action next year. [Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]
I am about at the point that I will disregard, out of hand, and with due contempt, any academic credential issued by ANY Texas academic institution, up to and including the Ph.D. (and not necessaarily retroactively) However, if you intend to pursue a degree or a diploma from a Texas school, a re-evaluation may be in order: Probably you'd want to find a State which is NOT totally in the thrall of the anti-intellectual, anti-tolerance Xian/Taliban. If you rcently earned and now possess such a degree or diploma, probably you should see what kind of a trade-in allowance you can get on it, elsewhere, before any and all value permanently leaks off the parchment.

UPDATE: Harper's "Index" in June listed Texas the third highest-ranked state in the number of teen pregnancies. Coincidentally, it reported 94% of Texas School Districts teach the 'abstinence-only' sex-ed curriculum (when they teach anything at all).

I am sure there is no connection whatsoever between those two facts, or those facts and the content of the story above, and would regard any imputations based on those mere coincidences as calumnies against the public-spirited citizens of the Gret Stet.

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