Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why The Dems ALWAYS Cave Like Robert Murray Coal Mines

Pukes: "We're Gonna Kill You! We're gonna call you weak, wussies, traitors, and then we're gonna kill you."

Dems: "Oh, No, No, Don't Kill US!!! PLEASE!!! Oh Please, oh pretty please! Don't cll us names! Don't kill us. Here, we'll cut off one of our fucking legs and bleed in the street, if you just won't c all us names or kill us, please, oh please!"

Pukes: "Okay. You talked us into it. We won't kill you, now, if you cut off BOTH your legs, and bleed in the streets..."

Dems: "Oh, goody, goody. Thank you, thank you, thank you...We're much too young and pretty to die!"

Pukes: "And we'll come back in a couple of days. Then we can getcher arms, too. THEN we'll come BACK, later, to kill you; it will be soooo much easier...Bwahahahahaha!!!!"

Moral: You cannot negotiate people who want to exterminate you.

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