Friday, October 5, 2007

NOT a Rhetorical Question: When The Pukes Steal the NEXT "Election," What Are You Gonna DO?

They have only to keep the 'polls' close to set the stage.
The "other" 80 or so US Attorneys--the ones who were already dirty enough that they needn't have been replaced by Abu Gonzales--will have done their work. So there will be obstructions in place, and electronic votes will be stolen, and the SCUM can be counted upon to echo the "it's not over' meme for the Pukes.

In New Mexico, there is a law which now mandates paper ballots, electronically scanned. We have way fewer than a million voters here. How many other States have made similar adjustments?

But the fix is already in, imho.

So the question is: Whacha gonna do when they announce on November 9, 2008, that Mitt or Rudy or whichsoever junior Fascist Bugleboy gets the Puke nomination has been "elected?"

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