Tuesday, October 23, 2007

God Vs Mother Nature

In the comments on this thread on Correntewire, correspondent MJS made this insightful (and correct) observation:
I notice the strange dualism of the fires being characterized as a result (largely, except where arson is suspected) of “Mother Nature” and when someone’s home is spared from flames the person will thank “God” who is often seen as a male. Somehow "God" is not IN the mother nature. Recently at a local dry cleaners a man was talking about his prayers to God to save his child from cancer—cancer that his god created, no?
True, so far as it goes. But the fires--insofar as they were not the consequence of "arson"--would also be called (by insurance actuarials, at least) "acts of God." So the only difference between those spared and those not spared would be the worthiness in the eyes of "God" of the people spared (and thank you, John Calvin.)

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