Monday, October 22, 2007

New Mexico's A Full-on Swing State

Although Greg Palast has pretty conclusively demonstrated that the vote here was hijacked, both in 2000 and 2004...
From TPM:
Poll: New Mexico Still A Swing State
By Eric Kleefeld - October 22, 2007, 11:55AM

A new SurveyUSA poll of New Mexico has Hillary Clinton narrowly ahead in some potentially close match-ups in New Mexico, which voted narrowly for Al Gore in 2000 but then supported George W. Bush in 2004:javascript:void(0)
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Giuliani (R) 48%, Clinton (D) 47%
Clinton (D) 51%, Thompson (R) 43%
Clinton (D) 49%, Romney (R) 42%
Clinton (D) 49%, Huckabee (R) 38%
McCain (R) 50%, Clinton (D) 43%
Clinton (D) 51%, Paul (R) 34%
Gore (D) 49%, Giuliani (R) 45%

The Gore vs. Giuliani number would seem to indicate that Democrats have an edge her in general, but it remains a small one.

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