Monday, October 8, 2007

The Motherfucking Pentagon Is Facilitating The Motherfucking Fundie/Evangie Right In Proselytizing The Military

Jason Leopold | Report: Pentagon Facilitating Christian Evangelism
Truthout's Jason Leopold, reports: "The Defense Department (DOD) allegedly provided two fundamentalist Christian organizations exclusive access to several military bases around the country. This access became official sanction for these groups to proselytize amid the ranks, despite the fact that such activities were in violation of federal law. The evangelical Christian groups have posted detailed instruction guides on their web site that advises its members about tactics to use to win over soldiers, or 'pre-Christians,' to evangelical Christianity when visiting military installations around the country."
This is above and beyond the whole motherfucking office accorded to the motherfucking (so-called) "Xian Embassy" within the very walls of the motherfucking Pentagon itself. First thing, to paraphrase the Bard at his best, we gotta shoot ALL the motherfucking chaplains.

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kelley b. said...

You know, you had better watch your descriptions of the Dominionists.

WGG, that comparison's an insult to motherfuckers everywhere.

Most motherfuckers wouldn't fuck with the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Dominonists, however, fully intend on making the U.S. military their own.