Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mrs. Clinton: A Democrat Even The Cabbage Mallet Could "Live With"

From ThePeople'sVoice dot Org, a piece making th claim that, with the SCUM on board, the fix is in (and the 'war', the health-insurance industry, and petrochemicals are safe in her hands):
The (media) owners (including General Electric) would prefer a sycophantic Republican, but realize polling now shows that it may be impossible to elect one to hold the Oval Office post for them over the next term, Diebold magic or not. The next best thing is someone in the leadership of the Democratic Leadership Council -- that would be Madam Hillary.

Even the rabid right’s Charles Krauthammer is on board the Clinton express. A recent Krauthammer Washington Post column begins by lauding Hillary's husband: "Bill Clinton's greatest achievement, aside from abolishing welfare, was free trade. The crown jewel was the North American Free Trade Agreement. He got that through Congress over sustained union opposition in 1993."

Those who maintain true power in the Land of the Free and their devoted servants like Krauthammer love it whenever government leaders go against labor unions (or human rights organizations, social justice groups, peace factions, environmental groups) -- generally anyone opposing the public interest on their behalf.

Or as Hillary put it herself in Bob Woodward’s The Agenda, “"You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends."

Krauthammer does find some fault with the Clintons in that they tend to obfuscate their true goals in order to gain support from liberals, rather than go directly for the throat in selling them out, as would, say a libertarian like Dick Cheney, in stating clearly where the fidelity lies.

But Krauthammer reveals a lot about his own beliefs when he says of Hillary, "I could never vote for her, but I (and others of my ideological ilk) could live with her -- precisely because she is so liberated from principle."

There it is, "liberated from principle." That's why Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch held a fundraiser for Hillary. Rupert is no dummy; he knows where to put his money for a good return on the investment, and no doubt thinks, “Hillary will serve me before any of those dumb liberals who vote for her.”

The corporate media are covering every word of Hillary's as though it were chiseled in stone and conferred from a burning bush. The masses are thereby informed that the anointed one has appeared.
Hard to disagree. Read the rest here.

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