Friday, October 5, 2007

Domenici Dominoes Starting To Fall

The announcement that Pajama Pete Domenici was, in fact losing his mind--which fact having been evident for at LEAST the last two years--has led to a flurry of speculation on the subject of his replacement, and the replacements which might trickle down in succession.
Richardson, who'd be unbeatable, is mum, saying he's running for president--though he'd settle for SecofState.
Tom Udall, unbeatable in his District (NM3), says he'll stay put, too. He's already an environmental guru, with a magic name, and a sinecure seat. With Pete gone, he'll be a very powerful guy, both in the State and on the Hill. He's been a back-bencher, but environment's his issue, and he'll step up.
Heather Wilson, Pete's long-time lap-top, announced today she's GONNA be a candidate. Since she can't run for both the House and the Senate, that means NM1 opens up. There'll be no lack of candidates for her seat, mebbe, if she doesn't run for Pete's seat...
...Patsy Madrid, who nearly upset Heather for her District 1 seat last fall, has been named as a possible candidate, too.
Martin Chavez, Albuquerque's mayor, and a nominal Democrat, has to decide whether he wants to run for Guv or Sen. He'll have a better chance at the former, imho.
Steve Pearce, R-NM2, is also said to be considering whether or not to run for Domenici's seat. He's a first-term, rubber-stamp Bushevik from the part of the state in which that's the foremost criterion. His seat's 'safe,' whether he's the candidate or not.
All of which means that three of New Mexico's five seats in Congress are up for grabs.

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