Monday, October 8, 2007

Vindicated: Phyllis Bennis (of the Institute for Policy Studies) Agrees With Me

I have asserted all along, since the beginning of this disasterous course, that USer strategy in Iraq was to 1) renegotiate the Iraq State oil deals (by elimninating the previous signatories, one way or another), 2) establish force-projection bases in the country to control the whole trans-Caspian region, and 3) to remove Iraq as an irritant to Israel--the Iraqi SCUDS in '91 probably sealed Saddam's fate.
So when Phyllis Bennis, sez: The three legs the Bushevik/Elitist (including Hillary, goddamn it) Iraq ICORP "Strategy" are Oil, Power, and Israel: controlling the resources in the ground, basing military force in the region, and protecting Israel, I feel a sense of vindication, since lots and lots of people said I was a crazy, tin-foiled conspiracy nut.
TheTinyRevolution, Jon Schwartz's neat spot, has the vid. His blog's a must-stop daily.

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