Monday, October 15, 2007

Median price of a house in Santa Fe, last quarter, declined, from $450k to $422.5k

Santa Fe Architecture, in the million-dollar range.
The service staff for the rich folks there, plus state workers in Govt, police and fire folks now live in a dreadful, bourgeoisie ghetto called Rio Rancho, now the 2nd largest city in the State, where the median price is about half that of Santa Fe, even the county, not just the city.
The houses in Rio Rancho have been thrown up so fast, so cheaply, that I doubt they'll out-last their mortgages. Rio Rancho's about 40 miles from the Santa Fe city limits, so there's an almost constant stream of cars going north in the mornings two abreast, nose-to-tail, and back south in the evenings.

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