Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Barack Obama: World's Worst Negotiator" - - From "Open Left"

by: Glenn Hurowitz
On Tuesday, Barack Obama announced his support for President Bush's bid to expand the North American Free Trade Agreement to Peru.

Yup - Obama is once again helping pass one of President Bush's top priorities - even as Bush blocks the entire Democratic agenda and daily rains rhetorical abuse down on Democratic heads. Is this how Obama is going to negotiate in the White House?

Somebody please, again, tell me how Obama (or any of the gutless, feckless, useless, unprincipled, glad-handing 'pols' in the Deumbocrap party) is 'different' from the criminals now running shit? Oh, yeah: the guys running shit today are mebbe not "gutless, feckless,(or) useless." But they don't have to lie, or pretend, to advance their agenda, and the Dumbocraps do.


Lamb Cannon said...

mmm, let me guess--he's black? (or actually slightly purple)

pretty sure Condescenda-Sleeza passes the paper bag test, but o'Bummer does not

Woody, Tokin Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella said...

lamb cannon? how's skin color/pallor implicated in this??