Saturday, July 28, 2007

We Have Exteriorized Our Nervous System

Leonard Shlain is a very interesting dude.
In this latest book, he shows how human evolution changed completely when women discovered they could deny men sex:
Leonard Shlain is a medical doctor with a passion for evolutionary biology. His unique and intriguing views present new theories about many of the mysteries of human culture, from the genesis of patriarchy and misogyny to the role of female sexuality in human evolution. He explains, "When you read about a culture where they marry twelve-year-old girls off to old men, or practice honor killings, or female genital mutilation, or chastity belts, or any of these weird practices, what it's really about is that the men have been trying for the last hundred and fifty thousand years to regain the power they so emphatically lost when women gained veto power over sex."
In this provocative dialogue, Shlain outlines his perspective on how the unique features of human biology, sexuality and behavior impacted the evolution of our species. He suggests that the interplay between women's developing awareness of the risks of childbirth and her male counterparts' insatiable desire for sex led to a host of modern human traits including our awareness of time and mortality, the creation of art, and ultimately the patriarchal cultures we know today.
You can listen free through July 31

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