Monday, July 2, 2007

The Marginalization of "SiCKo"

It's happening everywhere in the SCUM (the SoCalledUnbiasedMedia) these days.
No less a light than NPR devoted about 25 minutes (combined) of their two signature shows, Morning Edition and All Things Considered) to dissing the film and Moore.
Because, of course, Michael Moore's fat.
However, one NPR critic, David Edelstein (Day-To-Day)says:
Moore argues that Americans take dead-end jobs for insurance and stay because employers have them over a barrel. He says transform health care, and you'll remake society. History suggests the health-care industry will pay through the nose to ensure that the system never changes. But after Sicko, how can Americans let politicians feed them sugar pills?

One of the indefatigables at TruthOut.Org, Dean Baker, has a a piece up on TO discussing the 'let's kill Michael Moore' phenomenon:
"The pundits are working overtime trying to defuse the message from "SiCKO," Michael Moore's new film. They are trying to convince the public that the United States could not possibly do what every other rich country (and even some not so rich countries) have managed to do: guarantee their people decent health care."

Rock On, TruthOut. (I contribute a small amount, monthly, to sustain their efforts.)

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But, but the democrats will save us!!!! Oh they will!!

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