Friday, July 27, 2007

The Djinn's Outta the Bottle. Whom Do You Trust With The Power?

Over the last seven years, the Bush regime has arrogated to itself, and otherwise claimed extravagant, unprecedented powers and privileges in the accumulation and application of power. Evidently, from evidence available, they will NOT scale back the ever-expanding scope of their exercise of power through the last 17 months still remaining to them.

This got me wondering:

Does anyone think that, should they actually win election, ANY of the Democratic candidates would foreswear the appropriation and application of those powers as their own, were they still available to them; would relinquish them; would abandon them?

If so, who; and what about that one inspires your confidence in this regard?

And if you, as I, do not trust any of 'em with that kind of power, what are we citizens supposed to do to prevent them from passing to the next Regime, Puke of Dem?

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kelley b. said...

Elrond is right.

The Ring of Power must be destroyed.