Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Dem Leadership Does NOT Oppose The ICORP of Iraq

I seriously doubt that, were the USers (thought to be) "winning" the ICORP of Iraq, Mr. Reid or any other Congresscritters, regardless of party, would be opposing it.

This, despite the 'winning' or 'losing' of it does NOTHING to change the fundamental criminality, immorality, or illegality of it.

The Democrats objections are nothing more than tactical quibbles. They don't oppose the ICORP, per se; only that USers seem to be 'losing' it. Indeed, were it going 'better,' they'd all be its happy sponsors, instead of its putatively 'unwilling' abettors.

The Old Sarge, Stan Goff, gets off a couple of well-placed rounds on the subject, in a post yestiddy on HuffPost.

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