Monday, July 30, 2007

Anent SCROODUS Chief Justice Roberts' Fall...

(Wherein I reinforce the impression of my intemperate-ness--or is it intemperance?)

I heard about Roberts' inexplicable fall, and thought "With ANY luck, it's symptomatic of a fell disease, which he will bravely resist, and to which he will tragically succumb, some time in early-to-mid 2009.


LittleBrother said...

When I heard the news about Roberts, The Vision came to me again for the briefest glimpse: I am running with all my might across a blossom-dotted meadow atop a towering cliff; I leap off the edge into warm and buoyant clouds of schadenfreude and float about like an angel within the multicolored, lightning-lit air.

But I steadied myself and thought: hold on here. It may prove to be only some minor animatronic malfunction. You will have to find something else to cheer you up. And so it came to pass.

Lamb Cannon said...

The obvious reason for Roberts' tizzy: "gay panic"