Thursday, July 19, 2007

If ANY Murkin GI Is EVER Convicted of Capital Murder

for killing any Iraqi in Iraq, I'll eat one of my (embarrassingly expansive collection of) hats.

Two US Soldiers Charged With Murder in Iraq
Megan Greenwell of The Washington Post reports, "Two US soldiers have been charged with murdering an Iraqi last month near the northern city of Kirkuk."

Addendum: Today, it was announced that another soldier charged with premeditated murder, but convicted only of lomewhat lesser charges, would re reduced in rank, and pay, and get a "Bad Conduct Discharge." Not a minute of prison. I think a BCD is appealable, after a certain term.

It is true that the troops are in an utterly, relentlessly, uncompromisingly, untenably bad position: a moment's hesitation in the wrong situation could cost you your life, and those of your buddies. And after all, if the haji you grease ain't the right one, well the mofo's prob'ly related. Being the occupier of a hostile land's just about the toughest job you can order a soldier to do. Under much less--arguably, only artificial--stress, the Milgram and Zimbardo experiments showed the limits of any 'civilized' human aversion to inflict pain.

I do understand. Unfortunately, it seems to me, too few 'volunteers' do, before it's too late.

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