Thursday, July 19, 2007

Re: The Dog-Killer, Michael Vick

Two of his major endorsement deals are with Nike and Rawlings.
If you really want to get into his vicious, sadistic grill, the best thing is to write to these guys and tell 'em that you'll never again purchase any products from them as long asa the vicious, brutal dog-butcher is endorsing them. I have also writen to the NFL, promising not to watch another game on the Tube, or ever again to attend a game as long as Vick is on the active player list.

there's also a snail-mail address
Rawlings: There's a snail mail address there too.
Finally, the NFL:

Write 'em and give 'em hell! And FUCK MICHAEL VICK!!!!

But don't expect it to achieve much, especially at Nike.

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