Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Gutless, Feckless, Useless, Worthless, Chickenshit Dumbocraps Should Not Approve Another Single Bushevik Nominee For Any-FUCKING-Thing

And ESPECIALLY, they should not seat another Bushit judicial appointment, to ANY Court, for ANY reason, ANY time.
Asshole Arlen Specter's apparently got his panties all knotted up because the Dems are threatening to bottle up the nomination of yet ANOTHER racist, sexist, red-neck, Mississippi cracker asshole, Leslie Southwick, the the 5th Circuit.
What the nation does NOT need is yet another racist, sexist, red-neck, Mississippi cracker asshole on ANY Court ANYWHERE in the goddamn, fucking Country, EVER AGAIN!
Fuck Arlen Specter. I awake every morning with the fervent wish that his prostate will soon finally consume him.

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