Friday, July 6, 2007

Sadr Rejects Iraq's Puppet Regime's "Oil Law" (Revised, @ 12:38 MDT)

Said law, the passage and adoption of which would retroactively (and economically) 'justify' (to the war-mongering CorpoRat/PNAC/Zionist cabal) the Bushevik ICORP in Iraq, dissolves any pre-ICORP energy contracts in favor of contracts negotiated since the ICORP with British and USer multi-nationals, and puts the Iraqi economy in the caring hand of those self-same multinationals for the next 20 years.
However, as Agence France Presse (AFP) reported July 5. '07:
Followers of Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday joined a growing chorus of Sunni Arab, Kurdish and Shiite opposition to a draft oil law backed by Washington. (Ed: the last two words contain the key to understanding both the reason for the anth opposition to, the measure.)
His opposition, apparently motivated by anger at the idea of US and British oil firms snapping up contracts after their countries invaded Iraq, promises to feed a fierce debate but will not necessarily derail the legislation...(Ed: Funny that they can virtually admit to the venal purposes of this horror, and in the next breath, assert that this won't 'necessarily' influence the outcome. Any wonder that the Iraqis regard maliki as a pupper?)
...Sadr's supporters said they would not support any law that would allow firms "whose governments are occupying Iraq" -- a reference to the United States, Britain and their coalition allies -- to sign Iraqi oil deals. (Ed: Well, fucking DUH! It only makes sense to the invaders to fucking reward them for the murder of a couple hundred thousand of your countryfolks and co-religionists!)
"The most serious problem with the law is the production-sharing agreements, which we categorically reject," said Nassar al-Rubaie, spokesman for Sadr's 32-member parliamentary bloc.
Such agreements, which provide for foreign oil companies to share investment and profits with the state, would "undermine Iraq's sovereignty in the short run and will strip it of its sovereignty in the long run", he added. (Ed: The agreements COMPEL the State to split the profits about 80-20 in favor of the fucking cartels, for the next fucking 20 years, fer chrissake!)
The Kurdish Regional Government, on the other hand, has demanded that the new oil law accommodate contracts it has already signed with foreign companies to exploit oil in northern Iraq.

Unfortunately for the Kurds, it was, at least in part, to invalidate and terminate those agreements that Cheney's Energy Panel met in 2001 and agreed on the necessity of starting the ICORP in Iraq. Not enough of the Cheney 'energy elect' were on the lists of those preferred by the Iraqis to develop and exploit the Iraqi oil reserves.
Btw: The legislation is an amazing document, surprising, astonishing in it the clarity with which it lays out as it so clearly does the real reasons for, and the villains in, the murderous, criminal, cynical ICORP of Iraq.
(Ed Note: The revisions are the editorial remarks inserted into the AFP piece in italics. I doubt they'll mind much in Paris.)

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