Monday, July 23, 2007

I Have A Pit-bull, Budreaux

I sent the following message to the NFL today, through PETA:
Mr. Roger Goodell
Commissioner, National Football League

Dear Sir:
Like many other citixens and animal lovers, I was appalled to learn recently of the vicious dog abuse and thoughtless slaughter of animals by Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick and his thuggish associates. Officials found 70 dogs on his Surry County, Virginia, property along with paraphernalia commonly associated with dogfighting. I hope that you take Vick's indictment seriously.

Animal abuse is a reliable precursor event indicating a predilection towards thoughtless brutality by the abuser that may not be--and rearely is--restricted to animals, but in fact finds expression in abuse of any weaker creatures and persons.

Your office, sir, MUST suspend the vicious sadist Vick immediately and indefinitely, preferably permanently. Show the world that the NFL has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to cruelty to animals by football players, evewn its stars. I, for one, shall NEVER attend another NFL function of ANY kind, nor shall I ever again watch ANY NFL game, of any kind, as long as the vicious, sadistic, gangster/thug Vick wears ANY NFL uniform.

Although I could be placated if the Falcon management treated Vick in his losses on the gridiron with the same casual. cavalier violence as he visited upon the innocent dogs who lost in the pit: to wit, dousing him, then attaching electrodes to his genitals and juicing the miserable excuse for a human being til he screamed, vomited and passed out.

Sincerely Yours
Woody, Budreaux's 'dad'

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Terry C - Wingers R Whiners said...

Buddy rocks!