Friday, June 22, 2007

Too Many Medical "Professionals" Assume Mantle Of Moralists

Dr. Who? or Dr. Who-da-fuck-do-you-think-you are?

This is just fucking outrageous.
First it was pharmacists.
Some of this bunch of over-rated pill-counters started to interpose their 'religious/moral' codes between their clients and legally prescribed medicines, refusing to fill prescriptions for both birth control scrips and abortifacents on the grounds that the use of such products offended their anti-choice 'principles.'

Now, according to a story running on MSNBC today (linked in the headline, above), physicians are beginning to intrude their 'principles' on abortion into their care for rape victims seeking 'the morning-after' treatment to prevent their bearing their rapist's child.

The story is admittedly anecdotal. One ass-whole MD in DumbFuck, PA, does not make a national emergency. Still, the hospital at which these events occurred is associated with Penn State University. To the extent that such a trend occurs and even increases, it is a concern; an even greater concern when it happens in a teaching hospital. In general, any paper in any decent-sized city with more than one hospital, and a half-decent city-desk editor, oughta put a team of reporters on such a story, because-in my humble opinion--a doctor who refuses to administer or prescribe abortifacents for a rape victim who requests them is guilty of gross ethical violations and should be stripped of the license to practice medicine.

I believe the same to be true about pharmacists. If they cannot do the jobs their licenses entitle them to do, then the licenses ought to be suspended. I do not think Wal-Mart--which was officially in sympathy with its pharmacists who refused to fill certain prescriptions--has rescinded that policy. A customer boycott of Wal-Mart and any other retailer which supports such actions is warranted until and unless they rescind the policy and fire the fucking asshole retail moralists behind their pharmacy counters, and replace them with people who will do their fucking JOBS.

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