Sunday, June 17, 2007

NPR Treads PERILOUSLY Close To The Truth

"Host Liane Hansen speaks with Anthony Kuhn in Shanxi Province. There are reports from Shanxi and Henan provinces that poor children are among those who have been abducted to work as forced laborers in brick kilns."

If you pay close attention, at the end of this story, the NPR reporter guy sorta, kinda almost sez that the accumulation of wealth DEPENDS on the exploitation of workers.

Not quite...
But close


Anonymous said...

I imagine that reporter will be duly chastised. We can't have people realizing that they are being exploited so the super rich can buy their super luxury goods.
(Did you happen to catch the article in the Journal yesterday about how luxury goods are getting ever more expensive and outrageous? The reporter in that story hints that this could add to resentment between the "classes."

Anonymous said...

Oops. That anonymous was me, Mothra.

Anonymous said...

Reporter said this was, like, China's Robber Baron age, a perhaps necessary periods of excess before capital is suitably seated in the hands of the wealthy few.

And, connections are everything.