Friday, June 1, 2007

Scooter Libby: A Dedicated, Selfless, TRAITOROUS, Scum-Sucking, Fascist MOTHERFUCKER

Christy, over at Firedoglake (linked above) is too kind to Scooter Libby for his 'service' to the Murkin people.

I am no fan of the CIA. It has been implicated in too many nefarious, murderous schemes for me to weep too many tears for the breech of security which Libby promulgated. They are now, and always have been way too willing to 'follow orders.' If they were gonna murder Allende, they should also have taken out Kissinger.

That said, Christy makes a really good point about Libby and the chorus of 'character witness' letters on his behalf: A 'patriot' and 'public servant' of the sort who garners all these tributes and pleas for mercy would NOT have been tried, and convicted, of bringing down the CIA networks which Libby's (and his boss, Darth Cheney's) loose lips sunk...

I think Libby should be sentenced as a traitor: life at hard labor at one of Murka's REALLLY 'bad' prisons.

Rove next, please.

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