Thursday, June 14, 2007

He Vass Unnly Follovink Oaah-dahss!!!

Former DOJ Lawyer--Now FEC Nominee--Can't Seem To Recall ANY Role in Controversial Policies Disenfranchising Minorities (via TruthOut.Org)

(Well, sooo-PRAHZ, sooo-PRAHZ!!!)

Another former Justice Department lawyer went before Congress on Wednesday with few answers for his Democratic interrogators and a spotty memory. (Der Herr Graff) Hans von Spakovsky, who's seeking a full six-year term on the Federal Election Commission, deflected questions about whether he undermined voting rights laws, saying, "I was not the decision-maker in the front office of the Civil Rights Division."

(You will recognize the Eichmann/Goodling/DoJ defense.)

Democrats--DiFi & OBama, most volubly--were outraged, of course. They're VERY GOOD at that. DiFi seemed on the verge of near apoplexy; she about strangled from twisting her pearls so tight: "Citing a scathing letter from six former senior officials of the Voting Rights Section, Committee Chairwoman Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told him bluntly: "It is really a problem for this body to vote for someone with this letter on the record."

Yet a mere two short grafs later we learn:

"Whether Democrats can derail von Spakovsky's appointment is unclear.

Feinstein cautioned that "a very serious situation could develop if the Senate fails to confirm at least some" of the four nominees by fall because none of the current commissioners has won Senate approval for a full six-year term.

Another problem for foes of von Spakovsky is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is pushing a home-state candidate, recess appointee Steven Walther of Reno, Nev., and Republicans are likely to put a retaliatory hold on Walther if von Spakovsky is rejected.

A six-year term, you note. If approved, Eichmann's heir-apparent is NOT replaceable by one the NEXT president's party.

The story continues; follow the various links to read the rest.

Ah jis wanna say: Mayan, Ah reckon all y'all've noticed: It is sher good fer thePeople that these Dem-O-Crats to have all that power.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read the Spectorized stepping back comment before I read about DiFi's outrage.

Infuriating, and I Do Give A Fuck. I can't believe they'll let this guy get confirmed!

Have these Dems no balls atall?

It's like they need a fricken' email/phone deluge for every little baby step.