Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is Congress Getting Ready To Fuck Labor Again?

If you gotta ask, you're not paying attention.

From TruthOut.Org (to which I sent a small, tax-deductible donation yesterday)

Dmitri Iglitzin asserts: "Unless advocates are able to successfully change the nature of the debate about this bill [the Employee Free Choice Act], through reference to the advantages of 'presumed enrollment,' it may not even be passed out of the Senate, where it is currently pending, much less obtain enough popular support to persuade the current, or next, president not to veto it."

This, coupled with the (fucking unanimous) SCROTUS opinion last week requiring unions to have affirmative assent from members for 'political' expenditures, pretty much spells the final demise of organized labor as a force in USer politics.

If you're a wage-slave in this country, you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucked! Company stores, next?

If You Have A Boss, You NEED A Union!

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