Thursday, June 7, 2007

Harry Reid's a Gutless, Feckless, Worthless Fucking TOOL!

Snivelling lil fucktard--abetted by MOST of the rest of the so-called "Democratic" caucus, apparently WON'T try to repeal the Military Commissions Act, even though it is the single most anti-democratic, anti-constitutional piece of legislation since the Aliens & Sedition Act. The vote in the SJ committee today was 11-8, party lined, to restore habeas corpus. It is a matter of wonder to me how the GOPukes selected for that committee a pack of the least "democratic" mongrel fucktards in the whole fucking Senate.

The notable exception? Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd, who is showing me more and more that HE is the best candidate for the "Left" of the spectrum, leaving such triangulating ciphers as Her Royal Clintoress and Barak "Let Us Pray" Obama in the fucking weeds...I want any of those several GOPuke motherfuckers be captured by folks whom they, themselves, would, would deny the protections of civilization.

From the Nation, today:

Today's vote means the habeas bill can now be brought to the Senate floor at any time. One source with knowledge of the legislative plan said Majority Leader Harry Reid has committed to bringing the bill to a vote within the month.

Some Democrats are pushing Reid to go further, advocating more comprehensive human rights protections and a repeal of the entire Military Commissions Act. Senator Chris Dodd, the most aggressive defender of the Constitution in the presidential race, is pushing legislation that would not only restore habeas, but also ban the use of evidence obtained through torture and recommit the U.S. to the Geneva Conventions. "We must recognize that our security is enhanced by upholding our nation's historic legal principles as we vigorously pursue terrorists," he said in a statement today. Dodd is giving a major address about his proposal at the Cardozo School of Law Commencement exercises in New York on Thursday, part of a larger effort to prioritize Constitutional rights on the national agenda – and in the presidential campaign. The Dodd Campaign has gathered over 10,000 "citizen cosponsors" for his bill, the Restoring the Constitution Act, while using YouTube, blog and netroots outreach to rally more support.

Obama, Clinton and Biden, the other Senators in the presidential race, have cosponsored the habeas legislation but not Dodd's bill, which currently has eleven cosponsors. The legislation faces an uphill battle in the Armed Services Committee, a much less hospitable venue for Constitutional rights than the Judiciary Committee. But there is one influential Armed Services member who opposed the Military Commissions Act and could jump start the effort to restore Constitutional rights: Hillary Clinton.

Hillary MIGHT be persuaded, I guess...but only if the DLC approves.

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