Monday, June 18, 2007

Go Sign A Petition To Increase FDA's Inspection Budget

My Message to my Congresscritters:
As the US economy becomes more and more 'globalized,' and the gap between rich and poor metastacizes, more and more of our food supply will come from nations wherein elementary food safety and sanitation practices are problematic, to say the least.

While it is probably expensive to conduct food safety inspections on the ground in those places, it is --and will continue to be-- much less expensive than the murderous, illegal, immoral occupation being waged in Iraq and being planned for Iran, for instance.

If the Congress cannot bring itself to actually direct resources to the safety and sanitation of the food supply for the WHOLE COUNTRY, it could clearly be indicted, wholesale, for dereliction of its duties. The deaths of hundreds of pets and no small numbers of humans over the past several years, due to preventable contaminations of various kinds, suggests both the scope and the gravity of the situation.

I urge my representatives to 'do the right thing,' and radically increase the budget for food safety and sanitation in the FDA.

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