Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Country Will NEVER Return To The (More) Innocent, Pre-Bushevik Days

If you pay attention to history, one of the things you learn is that when events occur which undo major facets of popular sovereignty, those elements of popular sovereignty are NEVER restored to their previous strength, power, or authority. Revolutions decay into tyrannies, always. It is just a matter of time. The USer version is no exception.

The PNAC/Zionist/Fascist coup d'etat, mid-wived into the world by Sandra Day O'Connor (may her innards turn to feculent jelly and may she reek of corruption such that her presence may not be borne in any society!), has corrupted, weakened, disabled, or undermined EVERY instrument and institution of democratic self-governance to which it has set its attention. Every branch of government, every department within every branch, every bureau within every department within every branch, every single aspect of what used to set the USA apart from its peers in the world: everything they have touched they have turned to shit.

Vide: The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches are all irremediably corrupt at their very top-most reaches , and since "democracy" in the USA has become a top-down project, we may not expect to see their renaissance. The army and marines are devastated by the ICORP in Iraq and Afghanistan. The DoJ is a laughingstock, the SCROTUS has betrayed its partisanship for all to see, the vote is poisoned by electronic fraud and theft, the regulatory agencies which might occasionally have been counted on to rein in the excesses of the corpoRat oliogarchs all meekly accede to their masters' wishes.

This was no accident. This was in fact their orders, their agenda, and their instructions from the CorpoRats and pollutocrats who are their paymasters and censors.

It is delusional in the extreme to think/hope a 'new' president, cabinet, etc.--no matter who: Obama, HRC, Edwards, Dodd, Richardson, any of 'em--will set things to rights and restore the country to the status it held prior to the Bushevik reign. The interests of the corpoRat/national security state will NOT be denied.

As I think it was Santayana who noted, we are totally fucked. All that's left is to get over it.

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Anonymous said...

I've lost count of how many revelations were supposed to be the "smoking gun" that takes down this regime.