Thursday, June 21, 2007

Schlozman Decrees Minority Female DoJ Employees 'Not American Enough'

By Carol D. Leonnig
Washington Post Staff Writer (via
Thursday, June 21, 2007; A01

Karen Stevens, Tovah Calderon and Teresa Kwong had a lot in common. They had good performance ratings as career lawyers in the Justice Department's civil rights division. And they were minority women transferred out of their jobs two years ago -- over the objections of their immediate supervisors -- by Bradley Schlozman, then the acting assistant attorney general for civil rights.

Schlozman ordered supervisors to tell the women that they had performance problems or
that the office was overstaffed. But one lawyer, Conor Dugan, told colleagues that the recent Bush appointee had confided that his real motive was to "make room for some good Americans" in that high-impact office, according to four lawyers who said they heard the account from Dugan.

In another politically tinged conversation recounted by former colleagues, Schlozman asked a supervisor if a career lawyer who had voted for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a onetime political rival of President Bush, could still be trusted.

Schlozman has acknowledged in sworn congressional testimony that he had boasted of hiring Republicans and conservatives, but he denied taking improper actions against the division's career officials. That account was challenged by six officials in the division who said in interviews that they either overhead him making brazen political remarks about career employees or witnessed him making personnel decisions with apparent political motivation.

Schlozman's efforts to hire political conservatives for career jobs throughout the division are now being examined as part of a wide-ranging investigation of the Bush administration's alleged politicization of the Justice Department. The department's inspector general and Office of Professional Responsibility confirmed last month that their inquiry, begun in March, will look at hiring, firing and legal-case decisions in the division.

Is it an accident that all of Abu Gonzo's lackeys and lickspittles have the same kind of immature, undescended-testicle male voices?
Please, lord, if you love me, put me in a room alone with that squeaky lil shitwhistle Schlozman.

The damage done to the body politic by the SCROTUS decision installing the Busheviks will not be easily undone. It won't be a matter of months or even years: It will be decades, even generations before we will be rid of the fucknozzzles and shitwhistles hired by the Busheviks to fill 'career' positions within the Govt.


mogwai said...

"Is it an accident that all of Abu Gonzo's lackeys and lickspittles have the same kind of immature, undescended-testicle male voices?"

nope - the youth are much easier to mold into your fascism, the 'nazi youth' as it were

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Steph & Friends, I can't read/watch anything about Schlozman without hearing over-exaggerated Jerry Lewis voices. I consider this a good thing.