Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Separation Of Church & State? Not In The Chaplaincy of the USer Military

Via TruthOut.Org:
VIDEO Jason Leopold: My Interview With Mikey Weinstein
TO's Jason Leopold reports:
"More than two years ago, Mikey Weinstein launched the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit government watchdog group that aims to keep a close eye on the military to ensure its adherence to the law mandating the separation between church and state, after his son, a student at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, was harassed about his Jewish faith and urged by other cadets and Air Force officials to convert to Christianity."
Weinstein said the military has been hijacked by a right-wing, fundamentalist Christian agenda, in what appears to be a clear-cut violation of the constitutional separation between church and state, that has rippled across all four branches of the military under President Bush.
The rise of evangelical Christianity inside the military went on steroids after 9/11 under this administration and this White House," Weinstein said in an interview. "This administration has turned the entire Department of Defense into its own personal faith-based initiative."
This whole story just pisses me off. Take the time and regard the interview. Military chaplains rival in oxymoronity such enduring gems as 'military intelligence' or 'giant shrimp'. At very least, in consequence of the presumption that puts a chaplain in the trenches to begin with, a military chaplain ought to foreswear proselytizing while taking the officer's oath.
And the chaplains seem to be not the worst offenders. The reports of retributive duty assignments for insufficient reverence in the squad bay (or on one's dog-tags) are chilling. Hence it would certainly be logically permissible to bestow on the chaplains, for their rapacious orthodoxy and reflexive proselytization, the responsibility for the outrages perpetrated on non-believers--heretics by definition--by the 'saved' leaders of training platoons or whole, entire fucking air bases and everything in-between.

Perhaps it is not coincidental that Mithras, the deity worshipped by the Roman legions beginning sometime before the start of the Common Era and continuing for some centuries thereafter, is the almost literal template for the post-Constantinian life of Jesus.

With their direct connection with the Sky Pilot, I suppose one shouldn't be too surprised that the greatest offenders against the Constitution are in the Air Force.

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