Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Remember the "Walter Reid Story?"

A story of filth, corruption, decay, disease, and squalor to which some soldier-victims of the stupid, unnecessary, immoral, illegal, and criminal blood-bath in Iraq were subjected by their fascist leaders amid wreckage, trash, leaking windows and crumbling ceilings at a US Military post in the heart of Washington, DC.

Pretty big story back about 10 months ago.

But there are SO MANY scandals. It is hard to keep them all straight. And new ones every day. Bill Moyers and Keith Olbermann were schmoozing on that topic the other night, on Bill Moyers' Journal. Olbermann said there were so many Bush/GOP scandals that the People needed a score-card to keep track of them. So he--Olberman--had started a nightly "where are they now?" segment to his show to remind people of what the news of the day was obscuring. He--Olbermann--said that's what 'journalists' were (FUCKING!) supposed to do.

Olberman noted how, for example, the story of the destruction of the CIA tapes just about totally eclipsed serious coverage or editorial concern over the NIE on Iran, or why it took 10 months for it to be released. (In fact, iirc, it's possible the Walter Reid story drove the "impending NIE delay" story out of the headlines.()

But anyway, there is still an enduring story about the Bush cabal's cavalier attitudes regarding the care and repairing of soldiers injured in their fascistic war-games. First they were reclaiming pro-rata pieces of re-enlistment bonuses paid to soldiers who were subsequently wounded so badly they couldn't return to duty. It took a fucking act of Congress to stop that one. It is universally understood among veterans thqat the VA saves money by denying claims, especially for PTSD, which allegedly is easy to counterfeit. The brass ALWAYS suspects victims of shell shock/combat fatigue/ptsd of malingering or gold-bricking.

But the toll of injury exacts on returning vets is staggering: violence, addiction, suicide, homelessness, psychoses. And the Bushevik VA want to ignore it. This chart from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is chilling:

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