Friday, December 28, 2007

If One Needed One MORE Reason To Detest Joe Lie-berman (I-TelAviv), This Would Do It

From The Carpetbagger Report:
"When it comes to committee gavels, use it or lose it"
Posted December 28th, 2007 at 12:45 pm
If one were to list of all the reasons Joe Lieberman is spectacularly annoying, it’d take a while. There’s his support for the Bush/Cheney foreign policy; his broken promises from the 2006 campaign; his constant reinforcing of right-wing media frames; his support for GOP obstructionism; etc.
Ed. note: "Annoying" don't put a patch on it. Try: despicable, treacherous, vile, repellant, disgusting, revolting...
While all of those are, to be sure, maddening, I’d put an entirely different problem at the top of the list: his wholesale negligence as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Brian Beutler has a great piece today on “The Year in Oversight,” and notes a point that doesn’t get emphasized nearly enough:
There certainly have been gaffes, softballs, and missed opportunities. And the most obvious are found in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security — the Senate’s version of Rep. Henry Waxman’s Oversight Committee in the House. Unlike Waxman’s enthusiastic probing, the Senate chair conducted zero proactive investigations into Bush administration malfeasance. It’s chairman? Connecticut’s Joseph Lieberman.
A year ago, seeking re-election, Lieberman said this committee was his top priority, and he was desperate to return to the Senate so he could wield the gavel. And now that he has the authority he sought, he’s decided not to conduct any real oversight of the administration at all.
(Ed Note: Under the circumstances, why anyone in the Dim leadership would have bought that line of putrescence bespeaks a singular absence of political olfactory competence on the part of Mr. Reid and the other party luminaries.
He seems to have desperately sought a chairman’s gavel just for the sake of having it — Lieberman wanted power he had no intention of using.

I appreciate the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was in a bind before the 110th Congress began. Rumor has it, to keep Lieberman in the caucus, Reid had to give him the chairmanship.

But consequences have to matter. Instead of a Senate Committee on Government Affairs that functions as it should, Lieberman just treads water, using his gavel as a flotation device. It’s an embarrassing waste of what’s supposed to be the Senate’s watchdog committee.
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I have been of the opinion since 2000 that Sen Dewlap has always been a GOP mole in the Dumbocrat party. In four campaigns, after unseating maverick GOPster Lowell Weicker, he NEVER had any serious challengers. In the state that was the very well-spring of the Bush family political fortunes. That suggests to me he was ALWAYS their stooge.

I STILL harbor the suspicion that he and John McStain will end up on a spoiler, UNITY '08 ticket. A lot of Raygun Dems like McStain, and if the Dim nominee were anybody but Shrillary, Dewlap captures a lot of the 'orthodox' Dim votes.

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