Friday, December 14, 2007

Harry Reid, Senate Majority leader, Is A Sold-Out , Gutless, Piece of Vichy-Shit.

Matt Stoller at OpenLeftdotCom links to Glenn Greenwald:
The criticism isn't that Harry Reid is being insufficiently aggressive in opposing the White House. It's that he's doing what he can to support the White House, serving as their key ally. I suppose one option is to cheer on Democrats anyway, no matter what they do. But I can't understand how anyone who actually believes in anything other than partisan power for its own sake would consider that option to be an attractive one.
Stoller writes: "Progressives have no leverage with Reid whatsoever. Though I know little about Nevada politics, I wonder if Reid could possibly get a primary challenge in 2010. He's not liked in the state.
Fewer than half of Nevada voters rated Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid favorably in a newspaper poll, with just 41 percent giving both Reid and Republican Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons good or excellent ratings....Sixteen percent rated Reid's job performance as fair and 42 rated it poor.
The Dems in the Senate are led by someone who not only does NOT want to impede the Bushevik rush to fascism, he's actively abetting the fascist GOPhux. Can we get some tar and feathers over here please?

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