Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The only thing yet to be decided about the forthcoming 'election' is the size of the right-wing 'victory.'

Everything else has already been settled.
It all depends on what the corporatist elites have decided they want to have happen.

Do they want to destroy the Democrat 'party' once and for all?

Simple. It will be at least 30 years before all the malign effects of the last 8 years will be even partially erased. No Dim will have the Congressional votes to do anything anyway. So, you put in a Hillary (or even Obama, or Edwards; any Dim will do, really, because the problems spawned by almost a decade of GWB are wholly intractable without a general reorganization of the whole political culture, and that is NOT gonna happen) and let them fail--as they inevitably must--to clean up the mess the Bush crime family has left behind. The GOPhascists then swarm around in four years (or sooner, if they can pin the Vince Foster murder on Hill, the madrassas on Obama, or the poor on Edwards) to regain and consolidate power.

Or do they want to cement the GOPuke presidency, and simply IGNORE all the damage the Busheviks have done, by submerging them in a future that mimics, and expands upon what has already been done? Any Puke candidate can do that.

I plan to campaign against the whole rotten edifice. I may or I may not 'vote,' since it a) doesn't matter, b) won't count and c) merely ratifies the sleazy system.

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