Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Intricate Web Of Life; or "Why I am off shrimp, forever and why you should be, too!"

I am off shrimp.
I will never consume another shrimp again.
And I will act--as I am acting now--to try to convince others to quit 'em, too.
Go to NPR.
"...Photos helped convince government officials to ban fishing near a few of the reefs. Unfortunately all the other reefs were vulnerable to shrimp trawlers that dragged giant nets with steel doors on them through the fragile coral forests.

"One pass would destroy several thousand years' worth of growth," said Reed.
No person alive today will live long enough to see the restoration of these magnificent, necessary structures. Nothing about the "product" shrimp is worth the gratuitous and wholesale devastation of this vital ecosystem that 'harvesting' them requires. Nothing. Not fisherfolks' jobs, not expensive menus, NOTHING!

NOBODY "needs" to eat shrimp. Nobody should be buying this shit. Nobody.

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