Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Clinton & Obama Are NOT Liberals, NOT Friends To Liberals, WON'T Lift A Finger for a Liberal Agenda

Jesus' General (as usual) NAILS the fuckers:
To Obama, liberals are too strident. We are divisive. We are not willing to compromise with those who've destroyed this country. He does not see us as his allies. He sees us as the enemy and attempts to dig up dirt on liberal bloggers. He will do everything possible to marginalize us if he is elected president. (Ed. Note: How do you 'compromise' with people who want you dead? I really wanna know! Do you promise to die the NEXT time, if they let ya go this time?)

Time and time again, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she represents the corporate wing of our party--she will represent the owners in our burgeoning ownership society. She surrounds herself with the worst our party has to offer, people like Chris Lehane, who was recently hired to break the writers strike; Lanny Davis, who called Markos Molitas an anti-semite because of what a single commenter wrote about Joe Lieberman; and Mark Penn whose company represents Blackwater and cites union busting as one of its specialties. When asked to release Penn because of his union busting and Blackwater work, Clinton refused. Her refusal shows where her loyalties lie.((Ed Note: Fucking DUH!)

Sure they talk a good game. Both said they supported Chris Dodd's filibuster of the FISA Bill, but were absent on the critical day. (Ed Note: WTF, did they think nobody'd notice? FUCKING PUNKS!) Both say they want to bring back the troops as quickly as possible (which is in a decade if you look closely at their actual plans). Clinton has never voted against major Iraq funding legislation and there are few people in government who are more hawkish on Iran than she is. (Ed. Note: Only her good buddy, the feculent loser/AIPAC clone, Lie-berman, may surpass her zeal for war.)

A Clinton or Obama presidency, although preferable to a Republican one, will set liberals back even further, Obama's need to compromise and Clintons fealty to the corporatists will only institutionalize the worst of the Bush Era abuses, resulting in further values creep.

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