Friday, December 14, 2007

Harry Reid Ass-Rapes Our Constitution, his Party, and Posterity, Because He CAN!

I find in further reading that I was far too mild in my treatment of Harry Reid's most recent betrayal of the country, the Constitution, his Party, and citizens' civil liberties. Even here, I had originally written the following hed for the piece: Harry Reid Butt-Fucks Our Constitution, his Party, and Posterity, Because He CAN! At the risk of being chastised, or rebuked, or ostracized for my language, yet again, what ELSE do you call it?

Somebody who is sympathetic to the sophisticated workings of the Congress is gonna hafta explain to me how this is in the political interests of opposing the continued desolation and despoliation of the principles that have provided such an inspiration to so many for so many years and returning oversight to Regime intrusions...

This is gonna take som' serious 'splainin', Lucy! (By Greenwald, via Hecate:
The summarized version is that there were two competing bills which Reid could have brought to the floor -- the Senate Intelligence Committee version engineered by Jay Rockefeller and Dick Cheney which gives the administration most of what it wants, and the Senate Judiciary Committee, which does not contain telecom amnesty and contains far more extensive oversight protections. Reid could have brought the bill to the floor using whatever process he wanted, and he has decided -- contrary to weeks of assurances -- that the SIC bill will serve as the "base" bill, meaning that improving it (by removing amnesty and increasing oversight) will require 60 votes, rendering such efforts virtually impossible. In doing so, Reid is brazenly ignoring the demands of 14 Senators -- including all of the Democratic presidential candidates -- to have the Judiciary Committee bill be the base bill.

Worse still, Reid is completely disregarding the "hold" placed by Chris Dodd on any amnesty bill -- simply refusing to honor it, even as he respectfully honors literally scores of "holds" from GOP Senators such as Tom Coburn. And while Dodd is interrupting his campaigning to fly to Washington to lead the filibuster he vowed, Reid has ensured with scheduling manuevers that the filibuster will take place only over the weekend -- when all of the members are away raising money anyway and journalists aren't paying attention -- with the intent to try to force cloture once everyone returns on Monday.
Some-fuckin-body wanna tell me me again why Harry Reid is Leader?!?
Question: He can NOT NOT KNOW!?!?
Answer: Is that a question?

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