Monday, December 17, 2007

The Media Will NEVER Again Be LESS Consolidated Than They Are Today

Any verbiage from any candidate to the contrary is pure, empty rhetoric.

It will NEVER get 'better' unless you are Seymour Rotstein or Rupert Murdoch, or the Disney CEO...

Who is "Seymour Rotstein?" Well, he's better know by his nom d'goy: "Sumner Redstone."

Consolidation is the inexorable trajectory of media development from now on, forever. It's never going back to the palmier days of individual ownership in individual markets.

The Pukes are all already in the consolidation camp.

Mrs. C is ALREADY owned body & soul by Murdoch's chain, and Obama can be bought easily and cheaply. Edwards could/might try to resist it, but of course, resistance will be futile, and because he might, his cances of being selected are vanishingly small...It's just one of the many 'strikes' against him among the elites.

But I would be surprised if the issue ever saw the light of day in this campaign.

Everybody remembers Howard Dean in '04. He was winning: took Iowa, was ahead in NH, and threatening in SC. He had net-roots, and passion, and a machine...

But then he appeared on (Hardball? iirc), and said that, if elected, he would look into restraining--perhaps even reversing--media consolidation. That was it, was all it took. That night, the coverage of the Scream began, and in never subsided. By the end of two weeks, his campaign was in shambles. And Seymour Rotstein was gloating.

What is needed is a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting the ownership of MORE than ONE media outlet of ANY kind by any one individual, partnership or corporate entity. Nothing short of that will solve the problem.

And that will NEVER happen. Never happen: Geschehen Sie nie. Nooit gebeur. Ne vous produisez jamais. Μην συμβείτε ποτέ. Non accada mai. Nunca aconteça. Никогда не случайтесь. You get the picture...

You might have noticed about the Viacoms, the GEs the Disneys? They never lose. Check w/the OTHER Clinton, in 1996. You know that. They have all the fucking money and pols they need to obstruct ANY effort to roll back consolidation. They've been working on building their empires for almost 30 years. They won't quit, and they won't back down. They've won. The Institutional State Apparati have BECOME the State.

Gay-Ron-fuckin' TEED, chers.

The Media Will NEVER Again Be LESS Consolidated Than They Are Today

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