Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Comanche Moon" Rising At Last

The video version of the last novel--but first part of the saga--in the Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove series will finally screen on CBS in two weeks, starting on Jan 13 and two subsequent nights. It's a six-hour mini-series, with Val Kilmer and me.

The reason I mention it is that it was 1) filmed in New Mexico, around Santa Fe, and so will be visually stunning and 2) my own, personal 15th film as a 'background artiste.' In the one up here, I portray a murderous, back-shooting frontiersman who participates in the Council House massacre. The Texans invited the Comanche in, under parley flags, to discuss the exchange of prisoners. Then the Texans surrounded the meeting tent, and shredded it with gun-fire, killing many Comanche leaders and setting the course for conflict for the next 25 years.
Among other characters, I'll also appear--if I do--as a townsman in Austin in several different costumes and scenes. Just about everyone in northern New Mexico with a sufficient display of facial hirsutitude (male and female) is in that show.
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