Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Bleat Goes On: Faint Falsehoods

 There is a persistent problem with MANY of these iconic posts, mostly that they are usually, in some significant aspect, totally wrong.
Such is the case here.
You can't accept and agree with shit just because the claims are plausible.
Plausible, but false.
Not that the sentiment is altogether misguided; only that the data used to elicit that sentiment is dubious.
Look it up...
(M) We definitely agree with this! Social Security is not a piggy bank...

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Here's another example:

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I do wish smart people would stop posting this without checking if the claims made are accurate...which they are not.
Google Government pensions: When I did it just now, there were more than 93 MILLION pages...
I wouldn't mind that, actually, so much, if as a condition of their pensions they were required to abstain completely from trying to sell their DC skills to the private sector.
Make 'em an offer they can't refuse: Take the pension, the health care, the rest of the federal retirement bennies OR go private.
Not both.

Here's yet another one.  
This is another of those things which are bandied about and which are SORT of true, but are too readily and too simplistically and too thoughtlessly accepted by too many only partially informed readers.
Of the "value" of the debt, in general, the "majority"--about 30%--is owed to Social Security, but it is far less than the "more than 50%" which the lexicon suggests.


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Charles D said...

Woody, the problem IMHO, is that Americans don't know how to think. As John Micheal Greer suggests, for most people we associate some statement with a good or bad emotional feeling and that's it. Someone states something that we feel bad about and then we state something we feel good about but he feels bad about and we call that a discussion.

I suppose more scholarly types might say we are merely asserting things, not actual arguing the merits of our case.