Friday, December 28, 2012

The Bleat Goes On: Killer Weed; Killer Teachers; Killer Buds;

"Killer" Weed The TRUE reason hemp is and will remain a "controlled substance" is because of the threat its non-psycho-active qualities and properties pose to ecologically disastrous, but well-established, 'profitable' (if the EXTERNALIZED costs are ignored) businesses and industries which would be threatened, if not out-right eradicated--think cotton--by the competition with the products derived from nature's "miracle weed."
There are a MINIMUM of 25 THOUSAND, non-psychotropic uses for it. Here are some "Little known Hemp facts"
The original diesel motor was designed to run on hemp oil.
An acre of hemp produces as much paper-quality pulp as FOUR acres of trees.
Hemp oil is the highest source of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
See, e.g.: Hemp versus Marijuana: Myths & Realities
  • Hemp versus Marijuana: Myths & Realities

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Killer Pedagogy: Wayne LaPierre and the rest of the moronic, drooling, bloody-minded gun goons want to ARM teachers in classrooms to intervene if/when another incident such as the Sandy Point slaughter should begin to unfold. Here's one BIG problem (or two, depending):

To keep a gun in a classroom safe from the hands or attentions of the children, it would need to be kept in a gun-safe, or on the teacher's person at all times.
If in a gun-safe, it would be difficult to access in an emergency.
If on the teacher's person, it would be FAR too much of a responsibility for someone who is as often distracted as typically teachers can be.
Plus, to USE a gun properly in a life-threatening situation--to actually SHOOT someone--takes dozens of HOURS and thousands of rounds of practice. Even trained soldiers often simply blaze away, blindly, in a fire-fight. Coolness under fire only comes with experience.
And I'd add: Do you REALLY want teachers who are trained killers in your child's classrooms, anyway?
Weed Killer: The BIGGEST problem with bringing into gummint guys like this TAYLOR fuckstick, with a career and a LOT of money invested in Big Agra, and who won't EVER (and would never even DREAM to) devote their lives to public service, izzat they have "conflicting" loyalties; i.e., they will be RETURNING to the industries from which they've been drafted, and so will (naturally) at least be tempted to use their gummint positions to sweeten their eventual returns to the private sector.
Killer Apps: USers are funny.
They are utterly, totally, completely immersed in the endless, insidious streams of propaganda emanating from the CorpoRat State, its lap-dog, bought-and-paid-for media, their religions, the constant, unavoidable flow of advertisements, and yet they'll proudly proclaim THEY aren't affected by it.
BUT, they'll then turn around and assure you there is a "real" difference between Ford and Chevy, Bud and Coors, McDonald's and Wendy's, Catholics and Baptists, Dims and GOPhux, etc...There's a "difference" between a Ford and a fig-tree. There is none between a Bud Light and a Coors Lite other than spelling... 
We live in the world's biggest, most comprehensive, most sophisticated, most carefully built Skinner box, the boundaries of which are maintained by the flickering blue screens by which we are perpetually surrounded. What we are operantly conditioned to do is to consume without complaint or compunction.  We are manipulated every MINUTE of the day. EVERYTHING is "mediated," and by the very definition of the term, manipulation is implied.
No word is heard, no image seen, in the CorpoRat culture which has not passed before the critical eyes of some corpoRat media maven, or some Frank-Luntz-clone, to make certain it accords with the relevant elements of the master narrative of which it is a part.

The Operant Conditioning Chamber, aka The Skinner Box
Kill the Messenger: Until such time as electronic messaging is totally ubiquitous, as commo9n as electricity, and access to the Netz can be had as cheaply and reliably as a stamp, there is a PRESSING, PUBLIC NEED for the Postal Service.
The Oligarchs, Owners, and Oners want only to destroy the Postal Unions. They have NO care about what happens to the people served by the Post Office.

---- ----
Mail a postcard mailed to: Save Our Post Office, Post Office Box 5041, Terre Haute, IN 47805
 Let's try not to be too "correct" or inoffensive about all this, shall we?
 The Postal Service has been the object of perpetual, perennial Congressional butt-fucking since Raygun's days. The Owners and Bosses want to destroy the Postal Unions, the most powerful still in the Federal govt. It IS as simple as that.
Killer Reagan: Based on the argument that the GOPhux might NOT have become the pack of slavering loons, racist fuckwitz, and/or corpoRat felons without it having been led astray by Ronald Raygun, his handlers, and their gunsels, toadies, and lickspittles, a commentator blames Raygun for "killing" the GOP. 
The true author of our minently successful, unquestionably triumphant, nearly universal, neo-fascist counter-revolution, the concluding days of which we are now enjoying, was Lewis F. Powell, who was appointed to the SCROTUS in 1972, but not BEFORE he had created for and bestowed upon his friend and neighbor, the COO of the US Chamber, a memorandum in which Powell outlined the steps the oligarchs and bosses would have to undertake to subvert all the "liberal" institutions of the State and the People, and thereby regain their rightful place atop the hegemonic structures of the nation. 
Powell, who was still on the Court when Raygun treasonably stole the '80 election, was the architect of the rise of what we now know as the CorpoRat Rightwing who took over all the institutions of culture and society from their positions in the nation's boardrooms. 
If you want to see exactly HOW the fascisti triumphed in the years since Raygun, find and read 'The Powell Memorandum."

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