Friday, December 14, 2012

The Daily Bleat, 12/14/12

My pal Stephen Banks--aka "Dirk Gently" from a 'bluer' life---made the following remarks today on his wall and they are so apposite and on point that I want to repeat them:
(Corporations are NOT "people.") But the people who run them are.
The "bank" didn't launder drug money. Someone used it to do so.
Stop saying that the bank laundered money, or the stole someone's house, or the bank gambled away pension funds.
The bank was just the instrument used by actual living breathing people, and those people should be accountable. Name them."
And arrest them, and try them, and put them in prisons to rot for their crimes. And if you cannot do that, then stay the fuck out of our way when we come for them!


This makes so much sense that I am absolutely CERTAIN the troglodytic, drooling tools at the top of BOTH parties will ignore it:  

Rebuild from Sandy using environmentally friendly technologies.

Restore the infrastructure to be able to SURVIVE the next storm, because there will BE a "next" storm, and it will be as bad as or worse than SANDY: Put solar panels on every rebuilt roof. Bury the utility lines. Use green materials and best practices. Train workers.

Remember the "Shock Doctrine?" Here's a chance to use the shock of a disaster to actually do GOOD for once.

But of course, they won't do it.

No, they won't. Because if they used the opportunity to bring POSITIVE change, they'd be accused of "socialism" or worse by the corpoRat fucknozzles who profit exorbitantly from and therefore want to preserve the status quo untouched.

Ignorant, peon-asswipes would resist, and object, and refuse.

We are SOOOOOOO Fucked.

The ONLY "deals" that Shamwow has EVER "negotiated" have been "bad" deals.
Without exception, when there was a negotiation and the peoples' interests were on the line (the Public option, NDAA, reining in banksters, tax cuts for the wealthy, the social safety net), the skeevy fuckstick has sold us out EVERY FUCKING TIME! And will continue to do so, GAY-RON-TEED, as Justin Wilson usta say...

Clancy ("Cunt-hair") Thomas: This skeevy, sleazy, cheating, lying shitheel--arguably the MOST corrupt, most mendacious, most dishonest, least effective, least transparent, least forthcoming public official in the history of the whole fucking country--deserves to be impeached, removed from the Court, indicted for Federal and State crimes, disbarred, tried, and sent to Leavenworth to spend the last days of his useless fucking life making little ones outta big ones in that harsh, unrelenting Kansas sun on the rock-pile at Leavenworth.

Or just die, motherfucker.

He was chosen by GHW ("Poppi") Bush as an implicit affront to all the members of the civil rights community who demanded Bush appoint another black Justice to replace Thurgood Marshall. Poppi, who possesses a "god-father-like" sense of humor, earnestly sought around to find the most reprehensible, laziest, most self-loathing, race-hating, wanna-be-white NEGRO he could find, and that was Clancy Thomas.


In re: Tea-baggers' loathing for the REST of us.

The Tea-baggers were the dullards and drones in college (if they even went), the kids who played by all the stupid rules, never smoked weed, never dropped acid, never got laid, just went to class and got their "Cs," worked REALLY hard, and then became Assistant Managers at Payless Shoes.

OF COURSE the fuckers hated (and still hate) those of us who pressed the envelope.

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