Friday, December 14, 2012

The Daily Bleat: 12/13/12

Woody Sez: The people's man, St. Barry, the Pale, the bright beacon for hope and change, the "First Black American President," seems to be fine with this (though there are mutterings that the Dims may fiond spine enough to resist it.): raising the eligibility age for Medicare to 67. But what the FUCK? Extending the eligibility for Medicare from 65 to 67 is, effectively, a death sentence for MANY of those forced to wait. Is he gonna count those bodies as part of his "legacy," too, along with the central Asian drone-kill?
"Naked Capitalism on Death by Medicare:
"Remember, this isn’t a story of heartbreak and sadness.It’s a story of murder by policy. Medicare isn’t a welfare system where people are getting charity from the state, it’s a social insurance system that these people have already paid for. Increasing the eligibility age for Medicare isn’t shared sacrifice is simply confiscating the property that people prepaid for and that they need to stay alive. Morally, it’s no different than choosing 1261 people aged 65 and 66, disproportionately picking more black and/or poor people, and killing them so that you don’t have to honor the promise they paid for that they would get health care at 65."
Did you REALLY not know that this skeevy shitstick was gonna fuck you when you elected him? Really??

And then I wrote:
Will SOMEONE please explain why so many folks seem to think that the next 4 years are gonna be different from the LAST four years?

The GOPhux still hold the House with a 35-seat majority BEFORE you factor in the Blue Dawgs. Harry Reid says he's got the votes to modify the filibuster rule in the Senate; but he had that in the LAST term too, and chickened out.

Obamster is NOT stronger this term than last. His "mandate" is SMALLER, if anything: he won by FEWER electoral votes than in '08, and with a SMALLER percentage of the popular vote.

So, riddle me this: WHY do people think it will be "better" this term? On what evidence do they base their claims? I'm really, really curious.
Recrudescence: In an effort, lame for even his lame ass, to broach like a festering gobbet of sludge, propelled surfaceward from the very depths of the cesspool that is Righttard, wackloon fucknozzle bloggery, by its own corruption and decay, rises Glenn Reynolds, aka "Instapundit," like a feculent white wail, with retrospective advice for the lackluster GOPhux to remind us again why we ignore him in the first place.
The GOP didn't spend enough time, energy and money attracting the Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, cosmo crowd, condeding them the the Feminist "mean Girls." No, really:
In her 2004 book, “Spin Sisters: How the Women of The Media Sell Unhappiness — and Liberalism — to the Women of America,” Myrna Blyth (a former Ladies Home Journal editor) explained in considerable detail the variety of “Mean Girls” feminism that the women’s media aim at their readers with every issue. The message: There’s one way that women should think; people who don’t think that way are bad and stupid — and if you think the wrong way, women won’t like you.
It doesn't improve.
N.B: He, too, is a "law professor."

There was a nifty moment in the FA Cup replay of the tie between Hastings and Harrow Town, today, when the side from the lower league, Level 8 Hastings, advanced into the Third Round for the first time ever, and ousted Level 6 side Harrow on penalty kicks after regular and extra time left 'em locked up at 1.
The exuberance and jubilation of the victors, on home ground, was absolutely PALPABLE. The side had never made it even into Round 2 before. Next opponents: Middleborough, formerly a Premier League side who now compete in the second division of the FA, the Championship. They meet in January. +~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~

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