Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Bleat Goes On: Off the Cliff!

Just Binness: What should NOT be forgotten in this "Fiscal Cliff " farago of lies and misinformation is that the USofA owes the MAJORITY of its debt to ITSELF, payable in its OWN currency, at any rate or schedule it may decide. Even the 'debt' we owe to outsiders is denominated in our own currency.
The thing is, is is NOT a "crisis," except that it has been manufactured ands sold by the placid, stenographic "press" as one of those "shocks" which are often invented and always used by the Bosses/Owners to provide the excuse for anti-democratic, and/or anti-popular programs and projects which would otherwise not see the light of day. The PATRIOT ACT was a memorable example.
The thing to remember is the whole fiscal cliff thing was Shamwow's idea, designed to blackmail 'liberals' into going along with "entitlement" cuts that Shamwow has wanted since Day One, 2009, after the failure of HIS very own "Catfood (Bowles/Simpson) Commission" to make those recommendations which he would then "regretfully" implemented.
It's nothing personal, you understand: he's under ORDERS to fuck us.

Where were the Republican protests when George W. Bush DOUBLED our National Debt? Bush bankrupted the treasury, crashed the economy and left the country on the brink of a second Great Depression. It was Bush who signed the initial 800 billion in TARP funds over to the banks and effectively enslaved our children. Bush spent like a drunken sailor on two unfunded, unfounded oil wars and also on tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans who are too rich to even notice a benefit and that have already cost us 1.5 trillion dollars in lost revenue. 
Not once in 8 years did any of these costs appear on a Bush budget and in just the last few years it was Obama that added the Bush Wars and tax cuts for the wealthy to his budgets. Republicans couldn't wait to blame the subsequent rise in the National Debt on Obama!  Had Bush been a proper custodian of our country we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place!
 Everything President Obama spent was used to prevent a second crash like the Great Depression and our economy has shown remarkable improvement. President Obama is the first president in history to preside over a DOUBLING of the stock market in his first two years! He saved the auto industry in America, improved our infrastructure that Bush robbed to hide the true cost of his two wars and has brought Iraq to a close. That alone will begin to save us billions this year. President Obama got Osama bin Ladin (something Bush could not accomplish in eight years) and toppled Gaddafi. Obama has consistantly fought for the working man and America has certainly got it's money's worth from this man. I often wonder where we might be now had Obama taken office after Clinton with a huge surplus in the treasury instead of after Bush pillaged America.

An Offer You Can't Refuse In reporting labor conflicts and actions, the press always follow this formula: Unions and workers "demand," while CorpoRats and bosses "offer."
In fact the "offer" by the bosses is every much a "demand" as the "demand" by the workers is an offer. But there is a rhetorical advantage in being seen to be reasonable, while the reverse inheres with the notion of a demand.

I knew LONG before he was elected that Pres. Shamwow was NOT an avatar of hope OR change when, in all his public pronouncements, he never once tried to redefine the terms of the debate. He NEVER challenged the corruption of the term "entitlement,." for instance--it has since turned out that the reason for his reticence was and is because he is actively hostile to the programs which constitute the USer social safety net. 

He actually revealed these things unabashedly in the '08 and '12 campaigns. In the first case, in an interview with the editorial board of some important media outlet,  he first revealed that Reagan had been his "favorite" president, and then that he was embarrassed by the "excesses" of the counterculture of the '60s and '70s. I've said before, on hearing that, I felt like he was standing on my/our shoulders, shitting noisily on my/our heads.

The fucker...



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