Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Bleat Goes On: Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ready, Aim...: This is the weapon  of choice of the Sandy Point killer: a Bushmaster .223cal semi-automatic "street-sweeper." Despite the apparent similarity in calibration, this weapon bears NO physical nor functional resemblance to your childhood, bolt-action .22.

I'd like the advocates for the "right" to HAVE one of these things, in any civilized surroundings, to explain to me FROM WHAT/WHOM they expect to employ this device for protection.

To be frank, I don't really trust ANYBODY with a gun, and especially THAT gun. Nobody can't derail, and go all fuuking postal. This kind of weapon just makes 'em MORE lethal when they snap.

But actually, I'm opposed to semi- and automatic weapons in public hands on principle. I think it quite reasonable to limit the "people's" armories to muzzle-loaded flintlocks, either long or short, as the Framers intended.


Woody warnz: This is just the tip of the feculent fucktard iceberg, the Koch Bros.
There's still the Olins , and the Coors, and the Mellon-Scaiffe, Adelson, and ALEC (still HUGELY influential), AEI, and Heritage...
All are the linear descendants of the Powell memorandum, and the direction of Assoc. Justice Lewis Powell, who led the rightard/corpoRat counter-insurrection of the 70s and 80s which resulted in Raygun and the complete defilement of the Public Sphere.
Google is really reluctant to give the names of the worst offenders.Google "Wealthiest Rightwing Tycoons" and NOTHING comes up...

Don't be misled. This DOES NOT MEAN there are more jobs, or fewer unemployed workers. It's a statistical trick. It means that there are fewer people APPLYING for unemployment compensation.

But MANY of them were the "other 99ers," the people who were granted 99-week extensions for their unemployment compensation whose 99-week extensions have expired this month without them yet having found jobs to replace those they were DISEMPLOYED from by the Bosses.

Woody thinkz: This is sugar coating.
The fact of the matter is that NOTHING EVER goes "back" the way it "was."
Get used to it...

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