Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Bleat Goes On: Gun Goons vs. Cars; FBI's Spies; Matters of Degree; Timing

Only the police should have high-powered engines.

If civilians had them, they could use them to flee the scene of crimes and outrun the police. If we restrict cars to go only 80mph, then the police can catch criminals more easily and we'l...See More

Cars Are NOT Guns: Woody hopes nobody falls for this specious, egregious exercise in gun-goon false equivalence and bullshit.
If 33k people died of injuries suffered in motor vehicles, only a tiny, miniscule fraction were victims of hi-performance vehicles such as the poster features, and upon which the argument rhetorically (and stupidly) depends.
Whereas, of the 32,000 people who perished of bullet wounds, ALL were victims of guns.
See the difference???
If not, pleases save us all some hassle and defriend me.

In the meantime, we shouldn't over-think thisIn ANY discussions with the gun-goons, the key question needing to be asked is: From whom/what do you think your pop-gun arsenal will protect you?
By their evasions shall ye know them...

The true-blue, pry-it-from-my-rictic-fingers 'gun goons' are not interested in "preserving" their armaments to defend the freehold against "gummint tyranny" as much as they wanna be armed in case the Negroes and Mexicans get restless and turn uppity..." They wanna be sure they're still armed in case "Open Season" happens comes along on any of the assorted classes of people they despise, and they can blaze away at the negroes and other brown folks, liberals, feminists, and hippies.

The FBI Spies On Dissenters? Really?  Huffpost had a relatively alarmist piece up about how the FBI had cooperated with local authorities to "keep an eye" on the "Occupy" demonstrators. The tone was of astonishment.

No. Really!

The FBI or its forebears (established in the same year as the NKVD in Russia) has been monitoring--that is to say, spying on, infiltrating, betraying, provoking and suborning--suspicious "subversives" for more than 125 years. 

"Subversives," to the FBI, are anybody who actively agitates against or threatens the stability of the established, conventional orthodoxy and order. 

The FBI have either killed or set-up to be killed hundreds of such 'agitators.' You didn't think they'd stop for YOU, did you?

"Degrees" Don't Lift Poor Recipients: In the NYTimes, today a story about how social class still impedes progress for many recipients of questionable or dubious degrees from for-profit and commercial "colleges and universities."Da Nutz:
"It’s becoming increasingly unlikely that a low-income student, no matter how intrinsically bright, moves up the socioeconomic ladder. What we’re talking about is a threat to the American dream." - Sean Reardon, a sociologist at Stanford.
That's why the for-profit "Schools" and so-called 'private' universities like Phoenix and its emulators are such predatory scum: They sell spurious (at best) "degrees" as credentials for professions don't exist to people desperate to believe in the mobility myth. At the same time, they indenture the eager students to life-long commitments to "school loans" that are structured NEVER to be repaid, and are safe from bankruptcy dismissal. PLUS, they target veterans who have federal benefits, and short-change them lika any other marks.


Is This A Bad Time? Doncha think it slightly dubious timing to be going hopefully after an INCREASE or ELIMINATION if the SS cap, when at this very instant, the biggest bone of contention seems to be on a mere technical "quibble" merely over how to conduct cost-of-living adjustments, meanwhile the bastards already siphoned off BILLIONS of dollars from the SS Trust Fund in the form of the so-called payroll tax holidays?
Isn't it a bit ludicrous to suppose that when the Bosses are trying to TAKE DOWN the whole program, some plan/petition to endow the program with MORE money is gonna fly?

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