Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Lying; Fixing, and Puking

  • Everybody lies.
    We all lie, mostly about the little shit: forgetting something, or doing or not doing something we shouldn't or should have.
    Be of clear conscience: The Bible, at least, does not FORBID lying.
    Only "speaking falsely about one's neighbor," or slander.
    If everyone DIDN'T lie, the "Big Lie" wouldn't ALWAYS work, and it does, spectacularly, and predictably.

The Fix NOT In: ALL these fixes make SOOOOO much sense, I sense that they will become law when coal develops a sense of touch.
Not Sir Barry, who once again negotiated away his advantages and ended up truckling to the GOPhux.
Certainly not the GOPhux themselves.
NEVER MIND the Dims. They couldn't pass gas in a sausage factory.
So, what who have here is a nice, neat catalogue of solutions to problems nobody in DC will admit we have.
(M) We would definitely support these cuts, and I bet you would too. Thanks to Andrea Witte for sharing this with us. Image from @[317587111589271:274:Connect The Dots USA].
Ralph!: A year (the New one)--so far--of illness and discomfort:
Yrs. Truly, apparently misunderestimated the strength and tenacity of whatever bug it is which has taken up residence at the lower end of my my alimentary canal.
Recall: It started Saturday night with several epic bouts nausea, which continued intermittently throughout Sunday. It seemed to subside on Monday; or, rather, it changed the orifice out of which it expressed itself, reemerging as explosive diarrhea, which I have endured for the last 36 hours until, seemingly unsatisfied with the amount of discomfort it imposed on my anal passage, and with the renewed material supplied by my (foolhardy) endeavors to eat "normally," it recrudesced about an hour ago to revive as nausea, again.
Now that it has re-emptied my system, it apparently has gone of for a bit of R-and-R, but I am have no illusions that it does NOT patiently await my next efforts at replenishing my internal food store before returning in full force.
I am grown weary of it all...

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